Arrival of rains: Sowing of ragi gains momentum

Arrival of rains: Sowing of ragi gains momentum

Eventhough the arrival of rains has been late, the farmers seem satisfied now. The agricultural activities have gained momentum with the arrival of the rains.

Due to a sudden spurt in the agricultural activities in Srinivaspur taluk, the paucity of labourers is felt by the farming community. As a result the demand for tractors for sowing and ploughing activities has increased.

No water crisis
Rains in the past two days has enlivened the ragi seedlings that were sown in the dry tract of land.

Land on the border regions of the taluk seems to be rejuvenated with the arrival of the rains.

The rains have also solved the problem of water in the taluk. Ponds, tanks in the villages are filled to an extent and the cattle need not face the problem of drinking water.
Farmers have started to grow field beans, cow peas and tur along with the main mango crop.

 Jowar is also being grown as a feed for the cattle.

In the midst of all these activities the demand for fertilisers has shot up.

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