Striking a graceful pose

Striking a graceful pose

Dance recital

The performance included talented dancer Rahul Acharya from Bhubaneshwar, an artist who started training under Guru Durga Charan Ranbir at the tender age of four, and has performed all around the globe. He treated the audience to a few pieces choreographed by his mentor, Guru Durga Charan Ranbir.

The first piece which he performed that evening was the Krishna Mangalacharam, which salutes mother earth for her nurturing qualities, and also pays homage to the gods and great teachers. It was composed in honour of Lord Krishna. The music for this piece was composed by Rama Haridas. Rahul Acharya began the dance by tossing a few flower petals onto the stage.

Looking dazzling in a green dhoti and bedecked with gold jewelery, he stunned all those who had gathered there with his graceful performance.

The second piece that was performed at the recital was also choreographed by Guru Dura Charan Ranbir and was a composition which embodies the nuances of odissi. It is inspired by the sculptures of dancers and musicians at temples in Orissa. It is a pure dance piece without a story and highlights the graceful postures of these sculptures.

Rahul Acharya did complete justice to the piece by striking a series of complicated poses.
The third piece performed by Rahul Acharya was Chakravakapal, also choreographed by Guru Durga Charan Ranbir.

The choreography of this piece stresses on graceful movements and makes use of the dynamic aspects of odissi. It includes slow, pulsating movements which then slowly pick up in pace.

Once more, Rahul Acharya thrilled the audience, displaying a practiced ease in all his movements. Sujata, one of the audience at the dance recital, said that the whole experience was incredibly enjoyable. This was despite the fact that she isn’t a huge fan of odissi.

“It was very nice indeed.  I especially liked Rahul Acharya’s expressions. I’m very interested in bharatanatyam, so this is the first time that I’ve come for an odissi dance recital. But it’s been a very good experience, and I’ve really liked the show,” she said excitedly.