Of love, peace and goodwill

Of love, peace and goodwill

Choir singing

The choir performed to a packed hall.  The 34-member choir, conducted by Louise Pinto and Joan de Nazareth, sang some of the popular Christmas carols in addition to their own arrangements.

The first half of the evening included light and bubbly choral pieces from popular musicals like ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Ragtime’, ‘Mame’, and ‘Chicago’ among others. The second half was dedicated to a beautiful Christmas Cantata, ‘The Mystery and the Majesty’, arranged by Joseph M Martin.  This slot also had a good mix of jubilant glorias to gentle lullabies.

There were also a few pieces like ‘What a Wonderful World’, ‘Written in the Stars’ and ‘Razzle Dazzle’, hand-picked from popular Walt Disney movies.

“The Mystery and the Majesty’ celebrated the  wonder and splendour of Christmas. Traditional carols and newly composed seasonal anthems with thoughtful narration help create a meaningful experience for the audience,” said Mafalda Quadros, a member of

Most of the songs that the choir sung were woven around the theme of peace, love and hope.  The concert is always held as a fund-raiser and this year was no exception.  The proceeds of this year’s concert have gone to Sumanahalli Society, the Village of People of Good Heart which helps treat and rehabilitate those afflicted by leprosy and HIV as well as the disabled and the destitute in and around the City.   The choir has its regulars, who have been following it for years together.

They look forward to the choir’s concert every year.  Oscar Menezes, president of the choir said, “The performance was well-received by the music lovers in the City, some of whom have been attending our shows since 1982.”
Louise Pinto, the choir conductor said, “It was a truly spiritual experience conducting the choir, feeling one with every member, and helping spread the Christmas message of love and goodwill to all.”

The choir was accompanied by Rebecca Thomas on the piano, Maya Mascarenhas on the keyboard, Robin Colaco on lead guitar, Nestor Lasrado on bass guitar and Santosh Victor on drums.