Eco warriors protest against coal mining

Eco warriors protest against coal mining

The eco warriors belonged to the Greenpeace organisation.  The activists, protesting against the wanton annihilation of forests and its inhabitants, said that the mobilisation drive against coal mining in the central Indian states and eastern Maharashtra would take place simultaneously in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai this week.

“Next week we will be focusing on Bangalore and Chandrapur. Our main aim is to garner support from the people, not through any coercion, but by presenting irrefutable stark facts,” said one of the activist.

Greepeace Public Engagement Campaigner Deven Digwal said “Coal India Ltd has 200,000 hectares of land out which 55,000 hectares is forest land. It is surprising that despite this ministry continues to harp that forest clearances are hampering power generation.

To top that, the ministry's attempt to get more land for mining is nothing but land grab.

Gobbling forests

The gobbling up of the forests will not just rupture the flora-fauna, but will also snuff out lives of the varied tribal communities who have been living in harmony with nature for thousands of years.”

Hozefa Merchant, another eco-activist added that since the year 2007, approximately 26,000 hectares of forest land has been diverted for coal mining and “it is surprising that the Indian government does not want to explore alternate sources of energy which are cleaner as well as sustainable.”

As he detailed the mobilisation drive, Merchant said that the first passport of the ‘Republic of Junglistan’, was presented to the first citizen of India, President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, by children on Children’s Day.