Mantra for monsoon

Mantra for monsoon


Water-based make-up like mascara, foundation and liners are the best for this season.

The very sight of dark clouds and waterpools on roads might make one wary of stepping out of the confines of home. This means that one has to bring in a different set of clothes to the wardrobe, the shoe rack needs replacements and your dressing table also will have to be emptied of heavy make-up creams.
There are some dos and don’ts that you have to follow for during the monsoon. First of all, use cosmetics which will not smear or come off due to rain. Shyamala Ravi, a beautician, says, “Water-based make-up like mascara, foundation and liners are the best for this season. Sun screen is also a must even though it is not sunny outside.

Water-based make-up leaves you feeling fresh.” For the well-being of your hair, she says, “Usage of mild shampoo is a must and conditioner can also be used in a very limited quantity.” As for guys using hair gels, it is a big no. “While buying cosmetics for monsoon, look out for dimethicone copolyol, which is a form of dimethicone, it enhances your skin and keeps it soft during this season,” adds Shyamala.

The fashion mantra for monsoon is ‘Go Short’. “Stick to tunics, knee-length skirts, capris and bermudas with a chic appeal. For traditional clothes, confine your self to churidars and light-weight sarees. Avoid long sleeves, flowing salwar kameezes, sarees with heavy work on them, skirts which touch the floor and baggy pants,” says Gauri, a fashion designer.

Cotton dries faster, chiffon and crepe lose their brightness when they get wet and give a flimsy look. Keep your sleeves short or else sleeveless. Pick vibrant and dark colours like navy blue, purple, teal blue, green and olive green, these colours go well in monsoon.
The key thing for foot care is to avoid leather footwear. Gum boots, sandals and floaters are the best as they can beat monsoon. Avoid footwear which flaps as it can splash dirt on your clothes in a jiffy.

Stay away from accessories which are made from wood. It can give away its colour and will take longer to dry. Be it earrings, bracelets, long chains, necklace, use metal and plastic ones, you can shake it dry quickly.

Use water proof bags, avoid using bags which cannot be zipped up as water can enter your bag easily. Use a big bag so that you can tuck away everything inside, including your umbrella.