Campco to introduce sugar-free chocolates

Campco to introduce sugar-free chocolates

The Central Arecanut and Cocoa Processing and Marketing Co-operative Limited (CAMPCO)’s latest initiative will bring cheers to the health-conscious. Campco is all set to release sugar-free and low-fat chocolates in the market in about six months. 

This is certainly a bold move for a co-operative like Campco, considering the fact that even big players in the market could not sustain sugar-free chocolates launched by them.

The preliminary round of market survey has given a boost to the Campco’s initiative. The product, at present is in the research and development (R&D) stage. The co-operative will be finalising the product profile and marketing model soon.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Campco General Manager Suresh Bhandary M said the sugar-free chocolates will be priced high, in comparison to the usual varieties.

This is precisely the reason why most of the sugar-free chocolates launched by companies earlier could not sustain.

Marketing model

Bhandary said the management is yet to decide on the marketing model. “We are deliberating on whether the chocolates should be marketed through the super markets or should they be exclusively sold in medical outlets. We are soon going to finalise on this,” he added.

Campco Deputy General Manager Krishna Kumar, who also looks into the R&D part of it, said only sugar-free and low fat chocolates of Campco will have cocoa butter as base, and will use brown chocolate.

The sugar will be replaced with sugar alcohol, which will not contribute to the blood, sugar levels at all. “We will not embellish the chocolate with nuts and dry fruits to keep the cholesterol and fat levels low,” he said.