'Save languages related to Kannada'

'Save languages related to Kannada'

Kodava Sahithya Academy, Kodagu District Kannada Sahithya Parishat, Makkandur Gram Panchayat and other organisations jointly held ‘Bahu Bhasha Sahithya Sanskriti Sangama’at Makkandur Government High school.

During the programme the participants spoke about the diversity in each language and the need to preserve the same.

Presiding over the programme, Karnataka Kodava Sahithya Academy president Rani Machaiah said that without falling for English language people should make a habit of speaking in their mother tongue at home.

“This should be a part of our culture at home. If this is followed strictly then the youth will respect their mother tongue,” she said adding that only when the language grows the community can grow and emerge as a strong community. Delivering the keynote address Kodagu District Sahithya Parishat president T P Ramesh said that languages and cultures are facing the threat of extinction.

“Kannada, Kodava, Arekannada, Tulu are some of the languages facing this threat,” he said adding that Kannada, which is the mother of all languages in the State should be saved.

Makkandur Kodava Samaja president Ravi Kalappa inaugurating the programme said that Kannada Sahithya Parishat should not confine its works to Kannada alone. It should support other related languages too.

Diversity is beautiful

‘Bahu Bhasha Sahithya Sanskriti Sangama’ held at Makkandur in Madikeri on Friday turned out to be a unique convergence point for people from various cultures.

People speaking Kannada, Arekannada, Tulu and Kodava were all sitting under one roof, thereby making way for a different programme for cultural exchange, painting festive mood in Makkandur village.