Twilight-Breaking Dawn

Twilight-Breaking Dawn

Decision-making is tough

A new future: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the film.

The last but one part of the ‘Twilight’ series finally hits the screens, announcing the nuptials of Edward and Bella. Soon, it is time for marital bliss and domesticity only to turn into a rude awakening: Bella’s life is in danger. The baby she carries is also feared to harm the entire mankind.

With Bella in danger, can Jacob stay untouched? It is decision time for him - whether to go by the words of his pack or protect Bella at any cost?

Can Bella survive this delivery? Will Jacob be successful in fighting against his own pack? Is the baby really the monster or something else? ‘Twilight-Breaking Dawn’ attempts to answer all these questions. Bill Condon has neatly executed the idea of the novel supported by some amazing graphics and special effects. Guys, have some patience while the girls will have some more fun, watching heartthrob Pattinson.