Giving back to society

Giving back to society


The event was held by the Lions Club of Bangalore Ladybird as a fundraiser for the LadyBird Lions Home for Children and the Thippireddy Narayanamma Vocational Training Centre, which aim to help the underprivileged girl child.

The first half of the show focussed on classical dances like kathak and bharatanatyam, while the second half saw a colourful portrayal of various folk dances of India.

Well-coordinated, energetic and graceful, the entire programme was choreographed and performed by Nandini K Mehta and K Murali Mohan and troupe.

“We are very happy to do this programme since Nadam is all about giving back to society. We call artistes from everywhere and raise funds with the help of sponsors.

Sometimes, we even give money out of our own pockets,” said Murali Mohan. “We want to propagate performing arts in an attempt to preserve India’s rich cultural heritage,” he added.

There were some unique dances witnessed by those present. The Lavani piece, a folk dance from Maharashtra, was a light-hearted, fun harvest dance. A kathak piece was presented as a tribute to Lord Shiva, where devotion oozed from each movement of the dancers. Another interesting piece was Krishna Nee Begane, where Murali Mohan and Nandini Mehta played Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda — frantic parents looking around for little Krishna.

“I’ve seen them perform earlier but this was the first time I watched Kala Yatra. It was very interesting to see both classical and folk dance performed on the same stage by the same dancers,” said Naveen Sridhar, an audience member.

It did seem like an ideal platform to merge different dance forms while taking forward the cause of the underprivileged girl child at the same time. “The ladies from the Lions Club of Bangalore Ladybird have been taking care of the children at the home we have constructed for them. All the proceeds from tonight will directly go to the children,” said Harita Reddy, fundraising chairman of the Bangalore Ladybird wing. “We really hope to do more fundraisers in future and help these kids out as much as we can,” she added optimistically.