Bachelor pads to perch on

Bachelor pads to perch on

Bachelor pads to perch on

Relationships — of all kinds — are like sand held in your hand. Held loosely, with an open hand, the sand remains where it is. The minute you close your hand and squeeze tightly to hold on, the sand trickles through your fingers... Hold too tightly, the relationship slips away and is lost — Kaleel Jamison

Mrudula Chakravarthy

Most youngsters these days think along similar lines. They feel that if they stay away from their parents, they will be able to nurture the relationship better. More pluses: better money management, independence, freedom, and also personal happiness.
Sushmita Roy (named changed), a product manager with a leading IT company in Bangalore, says that she has been staying away from her parents since December 2008. “My parents live in a residential area for the retired in the city. If I were staying there, I would not have had any social life.”

Now she stays in a more happening locality, which is very convenient for her. Moreover, it is only 20 km from where her parents stay. Sushmita does not have to spend too much time commuting to her office and her productivity has increased.

“Life is not stressful any longer. I can go out whenever I want as I am staying alone and even cook what I like. I am a very individualistic person. After my higher studies in the UK, I had told my parents that I would move out. It gives me the freedom and independence on how I would like to lead my life,” she points out.

Freedom, please

“Parents are very imposing and protective. Freedom is one’s birthright and yet we are deprived of it. It is less about socialising and more about personal preferences about lifestyle, sleep time, hobbies and personal space. I had also been living alone from 2004-05 before going to the UK,” she adds.

Goutham Rajurs, a jockey, moved out of his home two years ago. “I have been in this profession for the past six years. I decided to move out for better career prospects. And my dad also wanted me to shine in my field. Staying independently and away from my parents has taught me what life is. It has also taught me to manage my money and run my expenses within what I earn. Living away from family has, in fact, instilled in me the importance of a family and the value of parents,” Goutham rattles off the advantages.

Youngsters are also learning to be more responsible. Mrudula Chakravarthy knows better. “Earlier, I used to spend a lot of money without even giving a second thought. Now, I have learnt to respect money after living all by myself,” says the employee of Huawei, a Chinese company. “Most importantly, I have learnt to value relationships,” she maintains. So the bond is getting better as the young get bold.

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