A letdown: A poster of the film Kanthaswamy starring Vikram and Shreya.

He knocks on giant gates and shouts: “CBI, open.”And as he rams his vehicle into the gate and enters the sprawling premises, there’s a man grinning with a golden tooth.
This CBI officer’s weapon of choice is not a gun but a huge hammer. He demolishes walls and floors to unearth illgotten wealth.

He’s not mere CBI: he is also Robinhood, or if you like, Batman and Robin. He clucks like a hen snared by a fox. His motto is robbing, robbing the rich to help the poor. Heard about this in the last century? Or even in Vikram’s Anniyan?

Move over Manmohan, Amartya Sen. Here’s an anti-poverty plan that can pull all those wretched of the earth from the pits of poverty by the time you are in and out of a multiplex!
The CBI officer, true to his name, plays god. And when the game is up, you have the TV cameras panning on him, the great saviour. But there’s none to save us poor viewers. Susi and his gang credit us with bird brains. If Vikram, flies in a crude takeoff on Batman, Shreya slithers in a bathtub in her living room; for a cup of cofee, she gets into her jet and wings away to an island. She shows more skin than Mallika Sherawat, Rakhi Sawant and Shakeela put together. After his enjoyable performances in Swamy, Anniyan and other films, Vikram is a big letdown. Vadivelu makes you feel you are better off being laid up with H1N1.

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