Zoo to host scarlet ibis, black necked swan soon

Zoo to host scarlet ibis, black necked swan soon

New species are brought from Zoo Zlin

A release from the office of executive director B P Ravi stated that eight scarlet ibis birds and three black necked swans have arrived at Chennai Airport on December 8 from Zoo Zlin, Czech Republic.

The birds are being added in exchange of four Asian Open Bill Storks, which will be sent in due course.

Though the Zoo Zlin has accepted this exchange deal  two years ago, the exchange could materialise only now, due to technical problems related to health protocol.

Mysore Zoo has planned to house the Scarlet Ibis in a new enclosure with built-up area of 40 ft x 40 ft. The height of the enclosure is 15 feet, with one holding room, along with water facility and feeding provisions.  

The enclosure will be taken for enrichment, with provisions for perching and nesting facilities, and it will become prominent display among bird enclosures. The Black Necked Swan is proposed to be housed temporarily in the Zoo Hospital and later to be housed in
the Japanese Duck Pond enclosure after few days.

The arrival of birds will further enrich the already fabulous collection of 87 bird species with total 764 individual specimens in the Zoo.  The Black Necked Swan will be in the company of Black Swan.  The Scarlet Ibis will join the Sacred Ibis housed in this Zoo.

The Scarlet Ibis is very beautiful and attractive bird with red colour (solid scarlet) except for black wing tips.  Bill is long, thin and curved downward.  Neck is long and slender; legs are also long and thin with partially webbed feet, while juveniles are dull, grayish brown.  The size of bird is 75 cm in height and weighs up to 1.35kgs.  

The diet includes fish, insects, frogs and small snakes.  The incubation is 19 – 23 days and life span is up to 20 years.  It is found in Northern South America, from Venezuela to Eastern Brazil.  The Scarlet Ibis is the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago.  Granules and fresh fish are fed in Zoo Zlin for Ibis. The Black Necked Swan is a large white swan with a black neck. A red knob or carbuncle at the base of the upper mandible is enlarged in males at breeding season.

The black-necked swan has short wings, but still is a fast flyer.  The size is 102 – 124 cm, and it weighs from 4 kgs to 5.50 kgs.  The incubation is 36 days and clutch size is 4-8 eggs.  The life span is 10 years.  It is found in South America, including Falkland Islands.  Black necked swan are herbivores and feed mainly on aquatic plants, the release said.  
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