The doctor who charges just Rs 5

The doctor who charges just Rs 5


urprising but true, at a time when doctors’ consultancy fees are skyrocketing with a surge in their popularity, ensconced in a roaring practice this doctor has an altogether a different segment of patients.

Neither does he intend to increase his consultancy fees in future, nor has he hiked his fees over the last 40 years. His fees have been frozen at a mere five rupees. !

Never valued money

Ask 75 year-old Dr Shyama Prasad Mukharjee and pat comes the reply: “I have never attached value to money in my life. I am a doctor and for that matter seeing the  smiles on my patients’ faces  who are cured with my medicine gives me all reward and satisfaction.

Nonetheless, I believe I am only a  medium and it is entirely divine grace rather than my medicine that actually works. To be honest, I target the poor especially the poorest sections of society to render my services. However, my doors are open to all and sundry including those from affluent families.”

Today when money is everything to everybody Dr Mukharjee’s thinking is interesting to understand. He says: “When I entered this profession, physicians’ general fees varied from Rs. 30 to Rs.60. In my case it is the call of duty to render services to people living at the last socio-economic stratum that motivates me to charge a minimal five rupees.

They are those who strive hard to manage their two square meals. They are those who cannot afford exorbitant doctors fees, leave aside the money for medicines. Therefore, I only endeavour to reach out to them through medical treatment.”