Today's Letters

Today's Letters

A mistake?

Did Jaswant Singh make a mistake by writing a book on Jinnah? Did he let down the sentiments of so many Indians? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then let him find a leader like him from Pakistan and make him to write a book on Mahatma Gandhi. But the question is, will he find one who is as broadminded as himself?. And who’s interested in the past leaders than knowing the present situation of his country — for example right now, 50 per cent of his country is facing drought? Wake up Singh. Do what is needed for the country otherwise you better retire from politics and give an opportunity to somebody who’s more concerned about the present situation of the country.

Vee Vishak

 Electoral setback

The results of the by elections  to the five assembly seats is a set back to the congress as it managed to win Govindraj Nagar defeating the old war horse Somanna, courtesy JD(s). On the other hand BJP as well as JD(S) have shared the honours  and managed to break the strong bastion of congress. In a way the saffron party must consider itself lucky as it never expected to win these two constituencies. Voters of Channapatna and Govidraj Nagar have taught a lesson that operation Kamala will not succeed all time. The defeat of Somanna  is a set back to BJP and the message is very clear; concentrate on better governance, stop infighting. As far as Congress is concerned it is time for introspection as its top leaders failed to muster votes for their candidates.

Inamdar Ramachandra

Religious truths

This is in reference to the controversy about veiling in college. Surah Ehzaab ch:no33 verse 59 says “oh prophet tell your wives, your daughters, and the believing women that they should cast an outer garment over themselves .So that they may be known and not exploited. The Arabic word for outer garment is’ Jilbaab’ and it is unanimously agreed by all Arabic language scholars and Islamic scholars that this is an outer garment above what you are wearing. It may also be a thick bed sheet that covers you from head to toe or up to hips. But the face and palms are not included here. Mr Wahiduddin khan has not given any proofs from the Quran or authentic traditions from prophet Mohammed. Peace be upon him that wearing hijab is not compulsory and the Quran says in surah Baqarah 2 verse no 111 “bring your proof if you are truthful".                                                                                                                                         


Time for introspection

BJP as a party has come a full circle and are back to square one, in to the laps of RSS-Sangh parivar combine. More than the Indian Peoples' ethos and sentiments, the party is more obsessed with Jinnah and any praise of Jinnah is termed anti national. First it was Advani and now Jaswant. One thing Jaswanth Singh failed to mention in his book is the role of RSS and its ideology in the partition and its aftermath. That would have atleast absolved him of the sin of working for the parivar for 30 years. The party which swears by Ram continues to behave like a despotic Ravan, subjucating the voices of dissent. It is time the party introspects, lest it may go back to its Jansangh days, being a fringe party in national politics.

Divakar N
13th Cross IInd stage
Srirampura Mysore 570023

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