'Clothes should be an extension of oneself'

'Clothes should be an extension of oneself'

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'Clothes should be an extension of oneself'

Having observed the Indian market closely for 10 years now, Paolo says that Indian men are definitely well informed when it comes to trends and know what is good for them.  In the City for the fourth time, Paolo often makes it a point to interact with his clients. But this time, his visit was all the more special.

“I finally got an opportunity to attend an Indian wedding. It was such a joyful and spontaneous mix of rituals. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved the food,” Paolo says.

Known for creating trends in men’s formal wear, one wonders what Paolo’s personal definition of style is. Ask him about it and he describes it in three words, “Sophistication, contemporariness and comfort.” And adds, “To get that perfect look, you need to look into one’s personal needs. Clothes should be an extension of oneself.”

Having been in this industry for so long, Paolo says that he never finds it boring. “When I was a teenager, I knew this is where I wanted to be. I had seen my uncle and my father in this line and noticed what fun it is to create new designs and cater to people’s needs. So anytime anyone asked me where I would see myself in 10 years, I would say, ‘working for Canali’ and the answer hasn’t changed till date,” he smiles.

The brand has dressed many celebrities across the world and Paola finds many of the young actors stylish. “But if I had to pick one ,then it would be George Clooney, he is an eternal style king. I also had met Anil Kapoor recently in Milan. He too is very stylish and versatile,” he says.

Working on a special line for India, Paolo says that it has been both challenging and fruitful. “We were in touch with the local needs and this time around, we brought in fabrics like velvet and slim-fit silhouettes to the Nawab Collection of Canali. People have reacted positively to it and hopefully we can keep adding more designs to it,” he sums up.