'Beauty of the film lies in the script'

'Beauty of the film lies in the script'

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'Beauty of the film lies in the script'

Calling Shots: Sumana Kittur

She has entered the familiar territory but only this time she is far more prepared for the challenges that may come  her way. After her debut movie Slum Bala, Sumana Kittur is back again with her latest offering Kallara Santhe.

Penned by her mentor Agni Sridhar, the movie is a political satire based on real events. “Every segment of the society today is afflicted with corruption but the quantum varies. The main focus of the film is on the behaviour of people at the helm from different walks of life.

Through this satire we are trying to tell the masses in a classic style that a change is required in the system,” says Sumana while adding, “moreover, the youth today needs to be politically aware. Many are just ignorant about their surroundings and let things be the way they are instead of questioning or doing something about it.”

So does the movie provide a solution or does it question the system? “Definitely, it questions the system. The incidents may seem funny but somewhere at the back of the viewers’ mind, we hope to instill the fact that is taking place.”  

 Starring Yash and Haripriya, Sumana describes the shoot of the entire film as a ‘fun experience’. “Having a great team is very important. Our team was extremely energetic, fun-loving and at the same time hard-working,” she adds.

The beauty of the film lies in the script. It is said that every scene in the movie has different characters. With so many characters, won’t the audience get confused?
“No,” she says, “all these characters come and go and are timed in such a manner that the audience won’t get confused.”

While making Slum Bala, Sumana says, she learnt so much, including how to handle pressure. “Every film comes with its own amount of challenges and pressures. Being the director one has to cope with it. Communication is the key to this because I may have a certain image in mind but it is how I convey it to others in the team is what counts,” says she wisely.

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