Teachers turn students....

Teachers turn students....

Memorable Moments

The students and faculty members of City College, Jayanagar celebrated New Year in a vibrant manner recently.

While the students presented cultural programmes, the faculty of the Department of Commerce and Management presented a skit with a message, which was directed by Vinay T, one of the faculty members.

The skit was funny and showcased all the colourful aspects of a student’s life.

It conveyed the message ‘shortcuts shorten and hamper success’. In the skit, the teachers proposed fun-filled ways to reach one’s goal without succumbing to academic stress.

Faculty members Malini, Preethi, Raghavendra Gajalakshmi, Supriya , Swathi and Netrawathi played the roles of mischievous students. “We never knew that our teachers are so talented.

Today, we got to see their creativity on stage. This was one of the best planned skits we had ever watched. Our teachers showed great comic timing and we enjoyed it very much,” said Shruti, one of the students.

Kennedy, a student, played melodious Hindi songs like Dum Maro Dum from the film Hare Krishna Hare Ram on the guitar. Ankita, another student, also sang some Hindi and English songs. A team comprising Angha, Tejaswini, Ashwini, Varsha, Trupthi Shetty, Shakee Banerjee performed a contemporary fusion dance.

Apart from music, there was also mimicry and a Shayari recital. Students had also organised various fun-filled games for the faculty members. “This is the first time we are celebrating New Year in our college. Surprisingly, even the faculty members showed interest in joining us. They were also involved in the preparations and that helped us  strengthen our rapport with them. We always had a good relationship with our lecturers and this occasion only made it stronger. From the skit presented by the lecturers, we came to know how keenly they observe our behaviour inside the campus and how much we trouble them. In spite of that, they have been so kind to us. We are really proud of our college and lecturers,” said Mohammed Bilal Shaikh, a sixth semester BBM student.

Professor Vijayalakshmi, Prinicipal, City College and Mukunda, Director of the college, actively took part in the celebration and exchanged new year wishes with the students.