'I am the best thing for Indian Youth'

'I am the best thing for Indian Youth'


Popular TV show MTV Roadies on January 6th announced its 9th venture during a press conference at New Delhi.

At this occassion the present list of personalities included Raghu Ram- producer and judge, Rajeev Laxman- producer, Rannvijay Singh, Aanchal Khurana- Roadies 8 winner and few other participants of Roadies 8.

Raghu Ram aka Raghu is one the most famous personalities of Roadies among viewers. Calling him the soul of the show would not be uncharacteristic for anyone who is a fan of Roadies.

“I crave for Delhi winters. Being in Delhi during winters is something that I always enjoy as I lived here for many years. I just jumped at the chance to come here and I wish I could spend a few more days here,” said Raghu when queried on how he feels about being in Delhi at this time.

Announcing the new show Raghu says, “The ninth edition of Roadies is going to be a  more real and controversial show. Any projection is not going to work during this show. We are taking it to USA this time to explore the vibrant youth culture of America. Roadies is the only show which travels and interacts with the culture of countries.”

Applauding today’s youth Raghu says, “Today’s youth is much more risk taking than the previous generations of our country. Traditions are changing. The youth believes in maximum risk and maximum gain or the maximum failure. Mid way is never the solution now.”

Queried on the ill effects of viewing Roadies on the young because of its abusive language and violence, he says, “Only parents can be held responsible for their children. When you speak of negative effects of abuses on children, let me first tell you that drugs, alcohol and smoking are much more hazardous for the youth than abuses. Even after this, if someone speaks of ill effect of abuses, MTV Roadies makes sure that all those contents are masked and finely edited before being presented to the public. It’s your wish what you want to watch.”

“If some 15 year old boy is doing something ludicrous, it does not mean that what I am doing is immoral. There were many 15 year old boys who were much more violent than today. Media shouldn’t do a witch hunt to find who is responsible for violent acts of few children on the streets. I am the best thing that happened to the Indian youth,” he adds.

Raghu sported his trademark brown leather jacket and torn jeans, besides his famous razor-sharp sarcasm.

Explaining the new factors of Roadies 9 he said that Roadies has tried to keep the quality of the show and bring about the individuals whose stories are worth telling to everyone. This will be the season where contestants and judges both will cry. I want to get the real bond with people. Last time participants were full of aggression but this time people came with lots of respect and passion as they saw aggression is of no help for them to be a roadie.”

On asking him about his expectations from participants from Delhi, he says, “Delhi has  always been a favourite destination for Roadies and being from Delhi I feel the bond with them. It becomes easy for me being a judge to pick up a roadie from Delhi.”

“These days I am reading Steve Jobs.  Reading him I feel I should have studied more years during my academic life.” He concluded in the interview .