Trench near Lalbagh filled up

Trench near Lalbagh filled up

A trench-like structure opposite Lalbagh West Gate formed after the earth caved in, has been filled up by BBMP after testing the soil beneath.

M C Prakash,  Chief Engineer (South), BBMP, said that they were apprehensive about the trench as it could have easily spread to the adjacent areas.

“We were anxious to know the reason and technically used water to find the actual reason for caving in of the road. Five thousand litres of water was poured into it to find out if loose soil existed elsewhere, but all the water was absorbed in the depression.
This concluded that the loose soil had occurred only in the furrow mainly due to percolation of water from Lalbagh lake,” he said.

However, if the water had been not absorbed, there would have been such trenches on the road in other places too. Prakash said that BBMP was keeping a close watch on the stretch, in case if such depressions were formed again.

The furrow has been filled up and made motorable, he added.