Recipient-in-waiting becomes organ donor

Recipient-in-waiting becomes organ donor

Shivakumar (46), a computer servicing agent, was diagnosed with renal failure in May and was waiting for a kidney transplant at a City hospital.

Shivakumar collapsed on August 14 at his residence in Kavalbyrasandra. He was brought to the hospital and was declared brain-dead on Aug 15.

Shivakumar's wife, Indumathi, gave her consent for his organ retrieval and cadaver transplant.  “My husband had told me that more people should get involved in organ donation to help waiting recipients like him. However, before he could become a recipient, he became a donor,” she told Deccan Herald. 

Shivakumar's liver, corneas and heart valves were retrieved.


Kiran Raj Jain (62) recently saved three lives by donating his two kidneys, liver and cornea before he died.

The donor apparently dictated a will to his son-in-law about donating his organs just 15 days before he was declared brain-dead.  Following  Raj’s instructions , his organs were successfully retrieved on August 6 after he was declared brain dead. At a prayer meeting more than 300 people pledged their organs to Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka for Transplantation.