Bipasha was nicknamed 'Lady Goonda' as a child

Bipasha was nicknamed 'Lady Goonda' as a child

Bipasha Basu

"I used to keep a stick in my hand and straighten all the colony boys if they acted smart. I used to be very short as a child and I was the monitor in school. When the tall boys would be upto mischief, I'd jump on their back during breaks and pull their hair and beat them up," the Bollywood star revealed.

In her earlier days in Mumbai, Bipasha used to keep a hammer in her purse to protect herself from all danger, the Bollywood actress told director-turned-television host Farah Khan on Star Plus' new chat show 'Tere Mere Beech Mein', to be broadcast this Sunday.
"I used to carry a huge bag. In it was a pillow and a hammer. After late night rehearsals and fashion shows, I would tell the taxi driver to drop me at my paying guest accommodation at Bandra.

"I'm geographically challenged..I don't have a very good road sense so I'd get into the cab, take out my pillow and go to sleep," the 30-year-old actress said while adding that she never got a chance to use the hammer.

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