Democracy survives because of Constitution, says legislator

Democracy survives because of Constitution, says legislator

The Indian democracy has survived several obstacles and remains strong thanks to a firm foundation laid by the Constitution, said legislator Amaresh.

Presiding over the Republic Day programme in the town, he said the Constitution has facilitated provisions for people belonging to Backward Classes and SC/ST.

P Jayamadhava, tahsildar, said the Constitution has undergone amendment 95 times. “There are, however, several more amendments necessary in relation to various issues,” he said.

In Bagepalli

Hundred per cent literacy is an important factor in establishing equality and sovereignty of the people in the country, said N Sampangi, legislator.

Speaking at the Republic Day celebrations on the Government Girls’ School campus, Sampangi called upon the people to remember the contributions of leaders who strived to get Independence from British rule.

“The leaders succeeded in freeing the nation from the grip of foreigners. Today, however, providing police security and commandos for a function like Republic Day has become a necessity,” the legislator rued.

Sampangi said Bagepalli and Gudibande taluks will be developed in phases. Priority will be given to provision of education, drinking water and better roads. Bagepalli town will be given an underground drainage system and drinking water facility, he added.

T A Hanumantharaya, tahsildar, hoisted the flag. School children presented cultural and other programmes under guidance of Nataraj, taluk inspector of physical education.

In Shidlaghatta

The State government has failed in fulfilling its promise of providing a secure and pro-people administration, accused legislator V Muniyappa.

Speaking during the Republic Day celebrations at the Nehru Stadium on Thursday, Muniyappa said the government should live up to the expectations of the citizens.

He appreciated the fact that in spite of several internal conflicts and problems of various kinds, India still had an important position in World politics. He called upon the youth to become self-dependent and unite to build a strong nation. “Stronger the democracy, stronger the nation. We should ensure that every last person below the poverty line gets all necessary facilities,” he said.

Bheema Naik, tahsildar, said regardless of the development of India, it is still considered a developing nation. “For this, we should all work to rid the country of terrorism, pollution, economic disparity and other problems and make India a powerful nation,” he added.

Students of various schools presented guard of honour. There were also cultural events by schoolchildren.

In Srinivaspur

M V Danaprakash, headmaster of the Sabarmati High School, called upon the students to recognise the importance of the Indian Constitution and remember not just to fight for one’s rights, but also to fulfil duties.

He spoke presiding over the Republic Day programme at the grounds of the High School in Sugatur in the Srinivaspur legislative constituency.

He also stressed on the importance of education in working for the development of the nation.
P Balakrishnappa, teacher, said the Indian Constitution is one of the best in the world. “It has been created in a way that helps the development of all social classes. The far-sightedness of our older generation is reflected in our Constitution,” he said.

“Rights and duties are merely two sides of the same coin. It is only when we balance them well can we maintain a peaceful society. Which is why, we must recognise the contributions of the makers of the Constitution,” Balakrishnappa reminded.