Mouna Guru

Mouna Guru

Delectable debut

Tamil (A)
Cast: Arulnithi, Iniya, Uma Riyazkhan, John Vijay,
Anand Varma, Murugadas
Director: Santhakumar

For once here is a flick that sparks and sizzles. That has you enmeshed and engrossed in its exquisite elements. Engaged and entrapped in its taut and tantilising twists, twirls and turns, told with finesse that is surprising from a debutant director. Indeed, Shanthakumar seems to have a deft feel for the medium and the metier of cinematic art. It reflects in Mouna Guru. That he is equally effectively and eloquently complemented with a fine and fluent essay by Arulnithi as much troubled Karunakaran only embellishes the film’s entertaining quotient.

Fluently directed and stylishly executed, Mouna Guru makes for a moody, meandering and mystery-filled thriller, which, despite having nothing out of ordinary storyline. It still has its audiences in its awe and admiration thanks to its sizzling, slick screenplay that sticks to nifty narration. Ofcourse, it does have its down moments. But these can be glossed over given the overall finesse it achieves.

Driven to Chennai after being rusticated from his college in Madurai, the studious, stoical and somewhat made of different mould Karunakaran finds that he is unwanted even at his brother’s home and houses himself in the hostel. He soon falls in love with Aarthi, sister of his sister-in-law, the only soul who seems to empathise with his quirks and qualms.

However, the much misunderstood, unassuming man finds no peace as he always finds himself in situations not of his own making or liking. Right from when the accident happens followed by cops bagging the cache of cash to the girl capturing their act on camera to Karnukaran being sent to mental asylum by the conniving cops, the thriller provides for edge-of-the-seat experience as Santhakumar manoeuvres his plucky potpourri of pleasurable players weaving his wondrous plotline like a master magician.

Thaman’s music and Mahesh Muthusamy’s cinematography lend added lustre to Mouna Guru. Mouna Guru should make for a meaningful matinee movie. Enjoy!