'I haven't got a good script in Kannada'

'I haven't got a good script in Kannada'

'I haven't got a good script in Kannada'

Very rarely does a Bollywood star makes his or her appearance for any function on time. But that’s the beauty of Sunil Shetty. Not only is he punctual but he is also approachable, simple and open to criticisms and compliments. For years now, people had branded him as a wooden face and as a jack of all trades, master of none. Sunil Shetty has taken these comments in his stride and proved them wrong with hit movies like Mohra, Dhadkan and Hera Pheri. He now hopes to give one of his best performances in his upcoming film Daddy Cool.

“Comments do hurt. Every time, I was criticised, I tried to improve it in my next film. Even after 20 years, I am probably the only South Indian male who has survived in an industry dominated by North Indians,” says Sunil, who was in the City to promote his movie, Daddy Cool.

He has not forgotten his roots and still lives in a typical traditional joint family. But, professionally, in a career of 20 years, not once has he appeared in a Kannada movie.

“Script is what matters to me and so far, I haven’t got a good script in Kannada. I did meet Upendra once who had asked me to work with him. But when I do debut in a Kannada film, I want it to be an out-of-this-world action movie with stunts that nobody has seen before,” says Sunil.

It’s very obvious that the man’s heart still lies very much in action but his comedies are what his fans are accepting. “Unfortunately, the good scripts are all turning out to be comedies. Action in movies these days revolves only around revenge or rape. One must also remember that I am much older now and there is only this much I can do. I rather stay fit than end up with a sprained back or leg,” he adds.

Being a producer is a new feather he has added to his cap. As a producer, he does have rules of not working in his own production.

“Acting in one’s own production makes a person insecure of cutting other people’s roles. So I’d like to stick to one thing. That way I can concentrate more,” he adds. Though he did step into production, it is not a career Sunil is planning on sticking to due to the recession. He says he will give himself time to see if things works out. “It’s all about timing in this industry. Trust me, one black Friday and you are out,” he concludes.