Two killed in accidents

Two killed in accidents

Arshad Asif, 24, and Arshad, 26, died in an accident involving a KSRTC bus, a cement lorry and a lorry loaded with grapes on the National Highway near Bengre Mavinakatte, early Tuesday morning.

The KSRTC bus, travelling from Belgaum to Dharmasthala, had stopped by the road for the passengers to relieve themselves. The cement lorry rammed the bus, after which, the mini lorry, carrying grapes rammed the cement lorry that had come to a halt as a result of the accident, said the police.

The driver of the mini lorry, Mansur Aseef, escaped with minor injuries. Also, since all passengers in the bus had got down, they saved. The bus, however, hit a lamp-post. The passengers were shifted to another bus and they continued their journey.

The victims, Arshad Asif  and Arshad were said to be residents of Kannur in Kerala. Their bodies were stuck in the front portion of the lorry and the police and local residents had a difficult time extricating them. The bodies were badly mutilated.

The mini lorry was completely destroyed in the accident while the front of the cement lorry was damaged.