CPM targets NGOs to push for identity politics

CPM targets NGOs to push for identity politics

The CPM, in its recently released ideological draft, accused NGOs and other voluntary organisations of promoting identity politics based on race, religion, caste and gender.

“Identity politics is typically carried out through NGOs, voluntary organisations, and what is called civil society. Such NGOs and voluntary organisations which themselves operate as separate and fragmented units are ideal vehicles to idea of separate identity,” said the draft, to be placed before the Party Congress to be held at Kozhikode in April this year.

The party, which had softened its stand on NGOs in recent years, seems to have hardened its position after they found NGOs allying with anti-left elements in Singur and Nandigram.

“Identity politics excludes and demarcates those of one identity from others. Wherever identity politics takes hold, it divides the people into separate and disparate groups,” said the draft.

The party has attacked efforts to promote fashion  based on ethnicity. It has said this helps market to promote consumerism.

“Fragmentation of identity is harnessed by the market. In fact, in advanced capitalist societies, various lifestyles are celebrated and fashions and goods are designed to cater to them as part of the consumerist society,” the party said.

CPM has opposed civil society leading ani-corruption movement. The party has been stressing on electoral  and judicial reforms and measures to stop “corporate loot” of natural resources.

However, the draft makes it clear that the party will fight discriminations based on race, caste, religion or gender. So, instead of supporting movements led by NGOs, the  party will lead movements against such social oppressions without promoting identity politics.