A technical training session

A technical training session


A national-level workshop, which was based on the different applications of the MSP 430 Microcontroller, was recently organised by the department of electrical and electronic engineering at HKBK College of Engineering.

Engrossed : A view of the audience.

The workshop, which spanned three days, was inaugurated by the principal of the college, T C Manjunath. Around a hundred faculty members from various engineering colleges across the country attended it. Not only did it give them exposure to new forms of technology, but it also gave them a wealth of knowledge that they could then impart to their students. Research students were also present on the occasion.

It began with a presidential address by the principal, who highlighted the importance of this micro-controller, and spoke about the ways in which it could be applied. This was followed by a short speech by Powly Thomas, the head of the department, who explained to the participants why this workshop was relevant. The workshop began with a short presentation by Anil Kumar V Nandhi, a professor at BVB College of Engineering and Technology. He explained the architecture and programming of the microcontroller.

The participants were given a chance to get hands-on experience of understanding the features of the microcontroller.

It was evident that the workshop was an enlightening experience for many. Ananthi, a professor at East Point College, said, “The workshop was very informative about the new topic of microcontrollers. I’m delighted that I could attend it.” Seethalakshmi B, from MS Engineering College, pointed out that the best part of the experience was the practical nature of the workshop.

The workshop concluded with a valedictory function, which was presided over by C M Faiz, the director of the college. Abdul Hameed, the administrator of the college, also gave a short speech in which he emphasised the need to train faculty members as well as students, and asked the participants to make an effort to ensure they were up-to-date with the latest technology in their fields. The participants were all awarded certificates.