Palemar tarnished DK image: JD(S)

Palemar tarnished DK image: JD(S)

Flaying the incident where three ministers including Dakshina Kannada District-in-Charge Minister Krishna J Palemar watched porn video in the Assmebly, JD(S) leader M G Hegde said that Paleamar’s behaviour has tarnished the image of the district politicians who were so far regarded as “decent” and “well behaved.” 

Addressing the JD(S) protesters who staged a protest condemning the porn video incident in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office on Thursday, he stated that the RSS is answerable for all that has happened as the major decision of choosing portfolio for the minister was done at the RSS office.

“Kalladka Prabhakr Bhat and other RSS leaders those who strongly propagate Hindutva and have been constantly speaking of building a Rama Rajya should come to the public and answer them. This is not for the first the BJP politicians are caught in sex scam, but it has been repeated several times before. Be it Raghupathi Bhat’s wife’s death or the case of Halappa and Renukacharya, the BJP men are involved in illegitimate work,” he said.

He also asked the seers of various mutts to open their mouth in context to the porn video incident. The seers who have always said that minority community members are damaging the culture of the nation, should speak out now when their own men are involved in damaging the culture, said Hegde.

He also urged three men to resign from the MLA posts. Referring to Palemar as “Polimar,” Hegde warned, “If you do not resign from the MLA’s post, you will have to face the wrath of the public when you enter Mangalore,” he said. JD(S) leaders Amarnath Shetty, Aziz Kudroli and others were present.