'How do I complete my PUC?'

'How do I complete my PUC?'

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Dear sir,

I have done my diploma in engineering specialising in E&C with 74% after doing SSLC. I want to study further and become good engineer. But I find mathematics difficult. Are there courses which do not have that much mathematics as compared to BE?

Manjunath (Tumkur)

Dear Manjunath,

It is possible to make a good career without BE, provided you can identify what you are good at. At this juncture consider the possibility of taking up a job (even if it is not well paying or in a small company) and get a feel of the professional world. Then you can evaluate whether you are good at marketing, HR, administration, communication, quality control, product development, materials management, teaching (all these require minimal Math). Within a year you can determine what you are good at, and then you can quit your job and take up full time studies in that field, or take up a part-time or correspondence diploma in the relevant field to upgrade your qualifications.

Dear sir,

I want to do a direct degree in one year’s time. Please suggest the colleges that I can do it through. I’m 23 years old and have not yet completed my IInd PUC.


Dear Ashwin,

I understand your desire to move ahead fast, but unfortunately there is no recognised one year degree in India. As per current rules, there is no provision for a person to complete his degree in less than three years (except if he is entitled to lateral entry directly in 2nd or 3rd year by having completed equivalent years in some other recognised university). As a person who has not completed PUC, but is over 18 years in age, you can join any Open University by appearing for an entrance exam, and take up a three-year degree course. Universities include Bangalore (BU), Karanataka State Open (KSOU), Kuvempu, Madras (MU), Annamalai, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), etc. Admission start around June/July, and some universities take admissions up to October or November also.

Dear sir,

I am a third year computer science engineering student. I am good at studies. I come from a village and am poor in communication skills. Please suggest some communication institutes which are reputed and valid in Bangalore.


Dear Sunil,

It is good that you have recognised the need to improve your communication skills, and this is the right time to do so. Enroll in spoken English classes at a private institute near you. English Centre, VETA, Banwasi’s are some who have made a name for themselves. Once you have finished the basic course, spend time practicing by speaking in English, talking to groups and giving presentations. You can also join one of the 30 Toastmasters International Clubs, Rotaract, or YMCA to practice presentation skills. Listen to good speakers, note their mannerism and techniques, and see how you can improve yours.

Dear sir,

I appeared for II PUC in 2002-03. Due to some personal reason I had four subjects balance and was ashamed and so never attempted a second time. I am regretting it now. I need assistance in how to go about completing II PUC. I heard that PUC can be completed through open university and then you can join BSc through regular colleges. Is this a viable option?


Dear Prasad,

You can complete your PUC as a private candidate by taking the help of any coaching institute, or you can appear for the National Institute of Open Schooling (website www.nios.ac.in and www.nos.org), where you have the advantage of choosing different combination of subjects.  Both are equally recognised for regular degree courses and then employment in reputed companies.
Before you take the plunge, introspect why, despite being a good student, you failed in four subjects six years ago, and how you can prevent such a thing happening. Also review what subjects you would like to take up now for your PUC, based on your aptitude and capabilities.

Dear sir

I have just completed my first year PU (PCME). I feel that I should have kept all options open by opting for biology. Can I finish my second year and then and do both the first and second year biology in a single year?


Dear X,

It is not possible to pass your biology in a single year, and unless you are very passionate about making a career in life sciences, it is not necessary also. If you are scoring well and are happy with your choice of subjects, keep in mind that after your 2nd PU you can study all possible courses except medicine, paramedical and life sciences. The choice is still very wide. Look into your strengths and potential and narrow down what field you would like to be in, from engineering and physical sciences to commerce, arts, humanities, creativity, management – everything is open to you. If you are still confused, seek career guidance from any experienced counsellor.

Dear sir,

I have finished my 10th std and am waiting for the results. I want to know what to do in the future. I am interested in MBA and BBM since I think I can get jobs faster. What should I take in the PUC level as my subject.


Dear Darshan,

The recent recession has taught a lesson to those who were taking short-cuts and wanting to get jobs faster. You will probably have a working life of 40 to 50 years after you complete your education, so build up your qualification and competence so that you will progress smoothly. Take up business management only if you have a strong aptitude for it, are a people-oriented person with leadership skills, good commercial acumen, and are “street smart”. If you decide your career based on what you are good at, you will not only get a job fast, you will retain it and keep growing all your life.

Dear sir,

I am now in II PUC. I’m interested in the field of biology. I would like to pursue courses other than engineering and medical. I have heard of courses like pharmacy and microbiology.

Raksha Anand

Dear Raksha,
Yes, there are many careers beyond medicine that are biology-related. You can take up a four year BSc in Agricultural Sciences or Horticulture; or para-medical courses such as speech & hearing, radiography, physiotherapy, etc. You can take up a four year BPharma, you can get into dietetics & nutrition, or specialise in microbiology, biochemistry, bio-informatics, genetics, etc. If you are good and qualify from a reputed institution, you will have a rewarding career.

Dear sir,

I have recently cleared my 1st PU. I am interested in studying medicine. Can you tell me what’s the minimum marks I should score to get a free government medical seat in Karnataka? I am mainly interested in Biology. What future studies can I opt for which have good scope?

Nishani (Shimoga)

Dear Nishani,

There is no minimum marks for getting a seat, it depends on the vacancies and the ranking that you get in CET. Put in all your efforts, get some coaching if necessary, and then next year apply for medical entrance exams not only through CET, but also the autonomous universities like KLE, Manipal, Amritanandamayi, who hold their own tests. In case you do not get a seat in MBBS, you can consider homeopathy, ayurveda, unani medicine, or paramedical courses.

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