'It's a complete entertainer'

'It's a complete entertainer'

After Huduga Hudugi, director Indrajit Lankesh is back again with a comedy — Dev s/o Mudde Gowda. Though the film has an interesting title, Indrajit says it has nothing to do with politics or political personalities.

new pair Charmee and Diganth.Talking to Metrolife, he says, “Till now we were silent about the cast of the film but now we are ready to tell the world.” Known for dealing with contemporary issues, Indrajit calls this a ‘modern’ film with a message. “This will be the first time my film will have a message. Looking at the title, people may think that it is a political satire but Dev... does not deal with politics at all. It’s a complete entertainer,” he adds.

Having completed the shooting, the director recently threw a party to introduce his cast in a gala manner. “As a director, I feel I saw success too early and reality struck after the release of Huduga Hudugi. But now through this movie, I have made amends and an added plus point is the fact that I have roped in some talented artistes as well,” he says.
The film stars Diganth, Charmee, Brazilian model Nathalia Pinheiro and Ananth Nag.

After Lankesh Pathrike, this will be the second time Ananth Nag will be teaming up with Indrajit and the ecstatic director says, “I respect him a lot. He is someone who has worked with my father and sister. Not everyone gets a second chance to work with an actor like him. When I had done ‘Lankesh Pathrike’ I was still new and couldn’t use his talent to the full potential but in Dev..., people will get to see a different side of Ananth Nag.”

Known for his boy-next-door roles, Diganth, who will be playing the title role of Dev, will be seen in a new ‘avatar’. “Watching Diganth on the screen, anyone can tell how much he has grown as an actor. That’s why I thought of casting him and giving him a larger-than-life role. I am confident that this film will make him a star!” he exclaims. Charmee, on the other hand, will be seen in a mature role. “I had auditioned a lot of actresses for this role but somehow after meeting Charmee, I felt that she fit the role to the T. She is the perfect combination of energy and maturity,” he describes.

The movie will also see two newcomers, Raghavendra and Jeevan, who had won the talent competition that Indrajit had hosted last year. “Everyone thought that the competition was just a publicity stunt. But I kept my promise to those boys. Raghavendra, who won the competition, has a good character role in the film while Jeevan, the runner-up, is a great dancer so I have given him an entire song along with Charmee,” he says.

With promotions just getting started Indrajit says that he has many unique ideas up his sleeve. But he is not willing to reveal them yet. “I want it to be a surprise and in time, people will get to know more about the film,” he signs off.