AP Assembly to set up standing committees

AP Assembly to set up standing committees

On the lines of the Parliament model, Andhra Pradesh Assembly will soon have standing committees on a wide range of subjects to achieve better coordination between the policy makers and the executive.

“The idea is to enable the legislators, who will be members of these committees, to study, research and work closely with the officers so that effective policies could be framed,” the Assembly Speaker Nadendla Manohar said.

The new mechanism would be modelled on the Parliamentary standing committees and their working system, the Speaker said.

The system of department related standing committees was instituted by the Parliament in 1993. Currently there are 24 committees functioning  on the lines of departments and ministries.

These committees examine bills that are referred to them. They also examine the expenditure plans of ministries in the Union Budget. Besides, they also examine the working of the departments and various schemes.

“The demand for a similar set-up at the Assembly level has been a long-pending one. This will truly empower the legislators and they can play a more effective role in the policy making as well as the government," Manohar said.