Children raise voice for civic awareness

Children raise voice for civic awareness

Mysuru habba-2012

B V Karanth Rangamandira at the Dasara Exhibition Grounds in the city was flooded with children on Saturday for ‘Mysuru habba.’

Children perform at the Mysuru Habba in Mysore recently. DH photo

Students from almost 70 schools were present at Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA), a joint initiative of CMCA India and Mysore City Corporation.

With children everywhere, on and off the stage, they carried out all programmes of the annual event of CMCA — representing active citizenship. Being volunteers, they were seen directing other students, they did anchoring, prayer at start and even read out the annual report and functions and aims of CMCA.

The inaugural session was followed by cultural programmes by students of different schools. Students of Brindavan School performed a dance for a Kannada film song with lyrics ‘Habba habba...idu Mysuru habba...’ changed to best suit ‘Mysuru Habba’. They appealed to the public — through their performance — not to be a problem, instead be a solution to existing problems.

Students of Vijaya Vittala High School performed dance for ‘gana nayakaya gana deevathaya’ with a classical touch.

Maharshi School students adopted a different way of spreading the message of keeping our city clean with the latest hit ‘kolevari’ song. ‘Why this city very city like this... distance la garbage dump... kaila freedom... handla power... let us change the world’. They even had instrumental music for a few patriotic songs.

“Children have been taking up awareness programmes out of the classrooms. It is great of them taking up such initiatives and creating awareness, said mayor Pushpalatha T B Chikkanna after inaugurating the event.

An exhibition by Solid and Liquid Resource Management (SLRM) of MCC displayed models describing bio-degradable and non-biodegradable wastes to be divided at the primary level. Students had models to tutor traffic rules. Posters on child rights and constitution were exhibited.