Formula for true happiness

Formula for true happiness

In today’s self-obsessed and pelf-obsessed world, you behold many folks with mercenary attitude. Interestingly, just as we try to flaunt our swanky apartments, snazzy-jazzy vehicles, couture/jewellery, we are trying to flaunt our how-happy-we-are attitude too.

We are displaying our ‘make-believe’ happiness through fake smiles, fictitious laughter, phoney cheerful behaviour and fake bonhomie with people around. Is this what we call ‘true happiness’? If this isn’t, what then is true happiness?

True happiness is an intense inner feeling, which reflects on the person’s visage through a distinct, lingering glow.

So, it doesn’t need promulgation or advertising to convey how happy a person is, since it’s pretty palpable on the person’s visage, when s/he is happy. Now, how can one be in proximity with happiness always? Or, what’s the magic formula for being happy eternally?  
Well, there are three cardinal things to follow, which can grant you the passport to an ever happy life! The first thing is to learn to junk the ‘negative load’ that you may be toting from a long time.

The load could be in the form of past failures and disillusionments, even past tussles with your foes, with subsequent engendering of animosity, rancour, and vindictive feelings in you.

Note, the ‘negative load’ isn’t just unsavoury memories alone. It could also be mental depression, stress, tensions, angst, worries, et al. Remember, all these with their enervating effect, can enfeeble you, undermining your mental strength. Putting it explicitly, just visualize you’re pegging away at your workplace to cope with a deadline.

Now by getting stressed out, your work efficiency won’t get expedited, instead it slackens the work process, which in turn ensnares you in the mesh of mental distress.

So, remember, negative feelings, will always act as a lethal weapon, in pulling you out of your ‘happiness zone’. 

The second thing is to overcome the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ syndrome and to steer clear of unhealthy competition with others. In fact, this is a major deterrent in one’s happy life, which can rock your mental equipoise, and annihilate all your mental peace.

Since, in a bid to prove our mettle to others in everything, we ourselves get mentally whacked out many times. So, instead of competing with others, it’s actually rewarding when we compete with ourselves – the way we can perfect/master our job techniques, fine-tune our talents/skills, and pump up our over-all working performance.

Finally, we should learn to bid adieu to discontentment in life. Since, by carping and cudgeling brains, we can’t alter the situations/circumstances in our life.