Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice

Why can’t there be an environment in an educational institution where a Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Muslim student can practice his/ her faith? It’s only when an institution nurtures qualities such as tolerance in students, can it be said that it has been truly successful in shaping good citizens.
                                -Asim Khan

The fact that no college in Karnataka has issued such a diktat makes me doubt the credibility of some colleges in the state. If the head of an institution succumbs to pressures from a fundamental group, where does that leave the students? The only solution is to build bridges between different communities and to restore confidence in law and order in coastal Karnataka.
                          – Abdul Rehman
I was surprised to read the principal’s quote on ‘rules’. As far as I know, there were no rules pertaining to dress code in SVS College. This is something that seems to have been put together over the last few weeks. Would the authorities now ask a Sikh student to remove his turban?
                                    – Sameer

My college (St. Francis College) was strict about what we wore to class. A jacket was mandatory during winter. But I have always wondered why educational institutions need a dress code. Along with cellphones, should skirts and jeans also be banned? Aren’t students intelligent enough to distinguish between decent and indecent clothing?
                                 – Manu Nair

Have you noticed how many colleges thrust a list of do’s and don’ts on you as soon as you join? Enforcing a dress code on campus is like preventing boys and girls from mingling with each other. With many posh schools turning uniforms into designer wear, a dress code in college makes no sense. Of course, educational institutions should maintain discipline but banning specific items of clothing makes little sense.
                          – K S Someswara

Yes, there must be some dress code. Mini skirts are certainly out but we don’t need school uniforms in college!
                       – Irshad Ahmed

It never occurred to me till recently that religion could cause such chaos. It is sad and upsetting to read about the headscarf controversy in Mangalore. Banning the headscarf, according to me, is both offensive and unfair. Wearing a scarf should be an individual’s choice. Don’t we, as a democratic country, look silly fighting over an issue like a dress code in college?
                               – Nida Syeda

College students, both young men and women, must maintain a certain discipline when it comes to their attire. While uniforms may seem extreme, there are instances where it makes sound sense. Take the case of engineering students who have to wear blue uniforms while attending practical classes. Do we see anyone protesting against that? What is required is self-imposed discipline.
– Sukumar Talpady

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