'Jodi' breakers come to town

'Jodi' breakers come to town

Movie promotion

There are few things more entertaining than an out-and-out masala-filled commercial film, which is exactly what Jodi Breakers promises to be.

Three’s company : Omi Vaidya, Bipasha Basu and Madhavan.Starring Bipasha Basu and Madhavan in the lead roles, the movie portrays them making a business of splitting up unhappy couples. As an added bonus, Omi Vaidya — famous for his rib-tickling act as Chatur Ramalingam in ‘3 Idiots’ — is also playing a part in the movie.

The three stars were in the City recently to promote the film, and gave the crowd at Forum Mall, Koramangala, a happy surprise when they mingled with them and even showed off a few dance moves to the hit song Kunwara from the movie.

All three were in a good mood, laughing and talking about their roles in the film.

Madhavan explains, “The film is about jodi breakers — two people who get couples in unhappy relationships broken up, so that they can have a second chance at love.” Ask him which he believes to be more difficult: breaking or making jodis, and he quips, “I think being in a relationship is the toughest!”

Bipasha added that although their characters actually tear couples apart, they’re truly good people. “Unhappy couples approach us, and we help them separate with the thought that they can find true love,” she explains.

Omi Vaidya’s character is one of Madhavan’s friends, and makes it a point to ‘comfort’ the unhappy women who the jodi breakers have recently helped out of relationships. His name is Nano — thanks to the car, he jokes. “It’s because I’m small, sweet and affordable. The women in this movie are quite sad and vulnerable and need comforting — I take advantage of this, and make them happy. I also advise them how not to fall in love, since my character isn’t a big fan of love,” he says.

Ask them about their chemistry on the sets, and Bipasha first praises Madhavan and then quips, “Okay, give me my bundle of money for Bangalore!” She quickly adds, though, “He’s a fabulous co-star, and has so much energy on the set. I’m a Madhavan fan!”

She’s intent on avoiding the topic of her personal life, but Madhavan jokes that he might just find her a suitable boy for herself. “As of now, she wants to check out all kinds of other men, but soon I’m going to find her a boy who loves going to the gym and wants to be with a maharani,” he quips.