A bond forever

A bond forever


Siblings play a unique role in one’s life. Most people share the strongest relationship with their siblings than any other member of the family.

Together : Siblings provide one another with warmth and support.

With the trend of nuclear families emerging over the years, most couples are opting to have only one child for various reasons. The single child seldom gets the chance to enjoy all the fun associated with having a sibling.

But there are a lucky few who share a close relationship with their siblings. They feel that it’s always good to have a sibling and the description of the relationship, they say, is beyond words. Harish, a professional who has a twin brother and a younger brother, considers his brothers as his true companions.

“As all of us are almost of the same age and have a very good understanding. We never feel lonely. Though we fought a lot during childhood, we got together the very next moment. Be it food or gadgets, we shared them. Though we live far away from each other now, we are still in touch every day through phone,” he says.

Trisha Gopalakrishna, an engineering student who has an elder brother, feels that life would be boring without a sibling. “Having an elder brother is a blessing but sometimes also a pain,” she laughs. “My brother is nine years older than me. He took care of me, especially during early mornings when we got ready for school.

He used to give me breakfast and tie my shoelaces. He even checked my homework. I took him with me whenever I went shopping. Since he is working now, he buys a lot of stuff for me when he is travelling. He got me a mobile phone, an Ipod and a camera,” she shares.

But the relationship between siblings changes from childhood to adolescence. Young ones often provide one another with warmth and support even as they face conflicts and emotional issues while growing up. “Now as both of us have grown up, we are busy in our own world. There is quite an age gap between him and me. So I don’t feel free to share everything with him,” adds Trisha.

Many agree that the relationship with a sibling has a considerable influence on the social and emotional development of a child. Often, the elder ones are a role model for the younger ones. One learns a lot of things from their siblings than parents, opines Rakshata, an MBA student. “I have an elder sister who is my best friend and I share all my secrets with her. She has taught me how to behave with others and face problems with confidence. She stands by me in all the ups and downs of my life.

The habit of sharing my belongings with her helped me when I moved to a hostel for my higher studies. I found it easy and comfortable to adjust with my room-mates,” she informs.