Left takes initiative to revive Third Front

Left takes initiative to revive Third Front

Undeterred by failures in the past, the Left parties are willing to take an initiative to build the Third Front at national level as an alternative to the Congress and BJP.

The efforts towards reviving the non–Congress and non-BJP front could gather momentum after the current round of Assembly elections in five states, the CPI General Secretary A B Bardhan said. “The regional parties with a secular outlook will have to play a key role in forging such an alternative.”  

As part of the exploratory exercise, Bardhan met the Telugu Desam Party President and former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu here and the two leaders discussed the need for building the Third Front as a genuine alternative to the “decadent” Congress and “communal” BJP.

According to TDP sources, the two leaders agreed that there was a “political vacuum” at the national level as both Congress and BJP were thoroughly discredited because of corruption cases. They felt the need for regional players and left parties to come together to provide an alternative agenda.

Bardhan wanted Naidu to play a more active role in national politics in bringing together the secular and democratic forces under a single platform to fight both the Congress and BJP. Later, addressing the CPI state conference at Karimnagar town in Telangana region, Bardhan said that the time had come for forging the third alternative at the Centre.

“Some regional parties are playing opportunistic politics in the country. If they come on one platform and support the Left, it will form the Third Front to keep both the Congress and BJP out of power,” the communist leader said.

On his part, the TDP chief said that he was willing to play a more active role in the national politics. However, he ruled himself out of the prime ministerial race. “I was offered the post twice in the past. But, I declined it because I want to serve the people of Andhra Pradesh,” he said.

Naidu was once seen as a “King Maker” in national politics as he had played a key role in the formation of United Front and National Democratic Alliance governments at the Centre. He also claims credit for proposing A P J Abdul Kalam’s candidature for the President’s post.

The TDP sources said they were hopeful that the present mood in the country would provide an ideal backdrop to build the Third Front. Though tentative efforts were made in the past to bring together the Left parties.