Haryana livestock policy flawed: CAG

Haryana livestock policy flawed: CAG

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has found holes in implementation of Haryana's ambitious livestock breeding policy for genetic upgradation of indigenous cattle.

The CAG has also found that the state is missing target of setting up Hi-tech commercial dairies.

Haryana, famous for its high yielding Murrah breed of buffaloes, launched a Livestock Breeding Policy for cattle and buffaloes in January 2010, envisaging genetic upgradation of cattle and buffaloes, boosting milk output, avoiding indiscriminate breeding of poor germplasm and bringing entire livestock under organised breeding through artificial insemination (AI) or natural insemination (NI).

The government auditor while assessing the performance of Haryana Animal Husbandry and Dairying department discovered that the data regarding NI was not being maintained and department did not supervise NI as per the requirement of State Livestock Breeding Policy.

The department admitted that no record of natural insemination was being maintained and it was carried out through stray bulls or by bulls supplied by Gram Panchayats.

The Livestock policy also envisaged that indigenous and exotic breed levels should be maintained at equal level, but CAG found that data regarding exotic breeds of cattle and buffaloes were not collected during livestock census in 2007.

In the absence of data, it could not be ensured whether the level of exotic breed up to the level of 50 per cent could be maintained, report said. CAG observed that the data of exotic breed could have been collected with the help of owners of animals while conducting livestock census to find out level of exotic breeds.

CAG also discovered that against the target of providing doorstep service for 10.89 lakh AI, service was given for only 0.65 lakh AI during 2008-11 which was only 6 per cent of the target, raising the possibility of misappropriation of funds (Rs 50 per AI) by erring officials.