MLA to stay with tribals today

MLA to stay with tribals today

Haadi bustling with activities to make arrangements for Ranjan

There is festive mood in Balegundi tribal haadi situated in Somwarpet taluk. MLA M P Appacchu Ranjan will visit the haadi and will stay with the tribals on Monday.

The residents are making all preparations to welcome the MLA. Flex boards, buntings and cut outs of the MLA are seen on either sides of the road leading to the haadi.

The MLA will inaugurate the development work in the haadi. He will also listen to the woes of the tribals.

In fact, a bamboo hut has been created beside the house of haadi resident Bhoja for the MLA to take rest.

The hut is four metre high. Arrangement has been made for the MLAs associates to sit. Bhoja is happy that MLA would be spending entire night in his haadi.

“The MLA will be given traditional dinner with rice, sambhar, chutney and other delicacies. The tribals will also entertain the MLA through traditional tribal dance and ‘Kurubara Bunde’ song, kolata,” said senior member of the haadi Raju. The youth from the haadi Shivanna, Y K Lokesh, Lakshman, Naveen, Mani are joining hands with each other for making arrangement for the MLA’s stay.

Muthamma said “our huts are on the verge of collapse. It would be good if MLA makes arrangements to get a house for each one of us. At the same time, we did not get title deeds under Forest Rights Act. The title deeds should be distributed at the earliest.”

Raju says that there is lack of toilets in the haadi, which is causing lot of inconvenience.

Taluk Panchayat President V K Lokesh said the MLA will lay foundation for road work, which was sanctioned recently. The road will be developed at the cost of Rs 29 lakh.
The work on aganwadi building will also be started on Monday. Officials from the revenue, forest and health department will also accompany the MLA.