Unused X-ray machine comes under scanner

Unused X-ray machine comes under scanner

A hi-tech x-ray machine purchased at a cost of Rs 12 lakh to help screen patients at the primary health centre (PHC) at Ujjini village has been in a state of disrepair for several months now. But no effort has been made to set it right.

The Siemens x-ray machine was purchased for the PHC three years ago. Since the PHC building was in a dilapidated condition, the machine was left unpacked.

It was shifted from the old building to a newly-constructed one seven months ago. When the x-ray machine was unpacked for use, it was full of dust and in a state where it could not be used.

Funds not released
It will now require Rs three lakh to set the machine right and get it functioning. The warranty period of the machine is over and the repair work will now have to be done by the representatives of the company.

However, the Health department has not released any funds towards its repair.During the last four general meetings of the Zilla Panchayat, member Sharada Prasad has been seeking an inquiry as to why this x-ray machine is in a state of disrepair.

She has also demanded that it should be repaired. Despite the assurances every time the issue was raised, no efforts have been made by the district health officials to set it right.

The Zilla Panchayat  member said her repeated pleas to the Health department to set the x-ray machine right have gone in vain.

There are no grants to fund the repair of the machine is the excuse given by the officials, she said.

During the Zilla Panchayat general meeting, the Deputy Commissioner sought a report from the Health officials as to who was responsible for the dysfunctional x-ray caused by negligence. However, he took no further action on this issue. District Health Officer Dr Srikanth Basur only said the company had been informed about the dysfunctional x-ray machine.