Women show how to kick it good!

Women show how to kick it good!

Gender no bar

Over 60 youth members participated in a football tournament — Kick for a Cause — and other games to help break the rampant myths about women and girls in Delhi on Sunday.

CARE India, a civil rights group focused on ending poverty through women empowerment, organised an amateur football tournament in partnership with LEH LEH Sports in Vasant Kunj.

This is part of the ongoing iCARE campaign by CARE India to engage one million youth in support of women empowerment.

The myths that they ‘kicked’ in celebration of women are “It is a man’s world’’, “girls belong in marriage, not school’’, “she asked for it’’, “women are too emotional’’ and “women can not lead.’’

Amelia Andrews, member CARE India said: “To raise awareness among the participants and the viewers, players were asked to choose one of the myths they wanted to kick and cite their reasons and views about the same. We have to spread a positive message that women are capable of doing more than what people think. They have even been to the outer space. Through this initiative we aim at spreading the message that women should be given equal opportunities in the society.”

Eight teams with eight players each played football where women were the team captains.

The main agenda was to help break this myth that women cannot lead.

“It is a fun way to say that women can do anything. Through iCARE we have approached several students in schools and colleges by organising workshops. Then we chose ambassadors from among these volunteers. They further help in sensitising the youth and other communities about women rights,” said Natasha Uppal, volunteer engagement co-ordinator.

Nishita Kankariya, a 2nd year student in Kirorimal College, Delhi University said she got associated with the programme because she wants to empower her fellow students.

“I have managed to get over 200 volunteer registrations from my college. This is a good platform for us to prove that women are not weak. And I love soccer. Most of the boys in DU believe that girls cannot play such games. But I am playing and might even win the game,” she said.