Forest being reduced for development works: Ex-secy

Forest being reduced for development works: Ex-secy

Former secretary to the forest department A C Lakshman on Monday alleged that forest is being destroyed to facilitate development in the name of building reservoirs.

He was delivering a lecture on citizens participation in the development of environment and economic development at the institution of engineers in the city.

Lakshman said India finds place among the 12 bio-diversity hotspots in the world. 

However, 25 per cent of flora and fauna is destroyed owing to repeated failure on the part of authorities concerned in failing to check onslaught on the same. 

he government has failed to prevent smuggling of sandalwood. In an attempt to match modern amenities created in the foreign countries forest is being destroyed to construct dams across rivers. 

It has instead had an impact on the wild animals who are slowly being relegated to the pages of history.  It has also resulted in huge man-animal  conflict.

Now the situation is such that, wild elephants are straying out of the forest and the recent incident of jumbos making their presence felt in Mysore city says it loud and clear.

 There are also times when leapords and other wild animals enter the villages attacking people and sometimes resulting in loss of life, he said.

Owing to inadequate water supply, farmers are turning away from agriculture. As a result once fertile rich lands are losing fertility.

AwarenessLakshman stressed on creating awareness among youths. Tobacco is also adding to the woes with 2,200 people dying due to tobacco related reasons every year. 

Chairman of the Institution of Engineers, Mysore chapter A S Satish, secretary T Anantha Padmanabha, former chairman P J Bharadwaj and others were present.