Birthdays take a leap

Birthdays take a leap

Rare occasion

Birthdays take a leap

Metrolife meets with five ‘leaplings’, who are celebrating their special day today 

They are in a class of their own. They make you wait for four years to greet them with a happy birthday. Some even wish them twice a year – February 28 and March 1. These are ‘leaplings’ or ‘leap year babies’— those who are born on February 29, a day that dawns only once in four years.

While the perfectionists among ‘leaplings’ celebrate their birthday only once in four years, thereby adding to the rarity of the occasion, some of them are greeted twice a year, on February 28 and on March 1, during non-leap years. Metrolife interacted with a few ‘leaplings’ in the City and asked them if they felt any different from the rest.

Most people say that they definitely feel ‘very special’ and discreetly enjoy all the attention they get.

A few others say they find it a bit odd to celebrate on a day that is not their actual birthday. Shalini Prasad, a second year BBM student of Jain College, confesses that people call her and wish her on February 28 and on March 1 every year. “So I get wished twice every year. I can’t really say that I am excited but it’s a mixed feeling of happiness and confusion. My parents have always asked me not to celebrate my birthday before the actual day, so I end up celebrating it on March 1 every year,” says Shalini. 

Anne Thomas, a homemaker, too gets wished twice a year but she says that there’s nothing special about it. “We do the routine stuff, maybe cut a cake or go out for dinner.

But with all the attention I get, I do feel rare and special,” she observes.   There are a few others like T V Ramesh, an advertising professional, who waits for the special day to arrive once in four years and when it does, he celebrates it in style with not less than 100 friends and relatives. “According to astrology, it’s inauspicious to celebrate it before the day. It is after a puja that the celebrations begin. It’s also an excuse to get together with close friends and relatives,” he says.

Sharad Prakash, president, Sarvit Technology Media Company points out, “It’s the usual celebration with friends on March 1 every year. But in the leap year, the cake gets bigger four times and so do the the wishes. I found it a bit weird at first but later understood that the feeling is quite special.”   Adnan Shah, a student of management, can’t wait for his actual birthday to arrive to throw a big bash for all his friends. “I celebrate it every year on March 1 but this year, it’s going to be bigger in the company of my friends.

I hope to celebrate it in full steam because I have to wait for the next four years to get into a similar mode,” he signs off. Surely, the leap year babies can’t wait to get into the celebration mode.