Transfer district surgeon: JD(S)

Srinivas is autocratic in outlook

“The district surgeon looks down on the patients who arrive for treatment and has thereby blemished the post he is holding. Srinivas has also not treated patients inhumanely but has also misbehaved with hospital staff. He is also autocratic in his outlook,” alleged JD(S) Youth Wing President B M Mubarak in a press release.

A memorandum will be submitted by a delegation from Kolar, he said in the release.
“Srinivas was a ordinary doctor in the hospital and was suspended for dereliction of duty. However it is saddening to see him as the district surgeon,” the release added.

Mubarak in his statement has alleged that Srinivas had behaved inhumanely in the incident involving the kidnap of a baby belonging to the couple in the hospital. He also charged the doctor of misleading the people by giving wrong information and demanded an inquiry into the incident.

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