SAP to roll out self-service Hindi modules

SAP to roll out self-service Hindi modules

SAP, has recently, said they were “project ready” to roll out self-service modules for employees and managers in Hindi before the year-end. This should enable employees to fill-in form 16 or receive their pay slips in Hindi.

“We’re project ready and are set to roll out employee and manager self-service (modules which are part of Human Capital Management solution) in Hindi,” said SAP Labs India’s Vice-President for localisation Navaneet Mishra.

“We had challenges such as getting the appropriate abbreviations such as LTC (Leave Travel Concession), which may not sound right in Hindi if transliterated,” Mishra said. “Similarly, while data entry is possible in Hindi, we’re also envisaging a situation where the approving authority wouldn’t be knowing language. Of course, there is transliteration tools to manage those aspects.”

Hindi language modules will be part of discussions at SAP’s fifth Globalisation Summit on March 1-2 meant for SAP’s Indian and MNC partners. The highlight would be two important solutions SAP is developing for India: Address Data Quality, to parse address data and convert it from a raw form to a locatable data on digital maps, and File Lifecycle Management (otherwise called Digital Secretariat), amongst other things, which would convert a physical file movement during approval, workflow or authorisation processes in a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) into a digital one.

This would create a paperless office for a PSU, without compromising on the process, Mishra said.