Crafts of India under one roof

Crafts of India under one roof


M ultiple groups from various Indian states will descend over Delhi, showcasing and selling handicrafts and handloom products authentic to their respective regions at ‘Dastkar Basant Bazaar’, which begins on March 10.

multi-coloured Products on display at previous edition of ‘Dastkar Basant Bazaar.’

Organised by the well-known NGO, which has gained a reputation for helping artisans to become self-reliant, the nine-day event will be held at the grounds of Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) in Dwarka.

Artisans from Kashmir will showcase Ari-embroidery and walnut wood-carvings while Uttarakhand will bring its famous sheep wool shawls and handmade soaps. Beaded jewellery, wood carvings, engravings, khurja pottery, marble inlays, Banarasi weaves, durries, Patti Ka Kaam and rangoli patterns as paper cuttings known as Sanjhi craft will be represented by artisans from UP. Delhi’s stall will sell terracotta products and present puppet shows.

Products from Eastern India include Madhubani paintings; Tussars and silks, papier mache products from Bihar. Orissa will showcase Dhokra jewellery, decoratives, fabrics and sarees in Ikat, bedcovers, table-cloths and furnishings in applique, coir products, Sabai grass used to make ropes, terracotta and Pattachitra paintings. The pavilion from West Bengal brings sarees with Kantha embroidery, woven mats and beaded jewellery. The North-East region will be represented by Bodo weavers and cane and bamboo products from Assam.

There will be perfumed candles from Tamil Nadu; handloom weaves and durries  from Andhra Pradesh will vie for space with coconut shell products, lacquer toys, metal and silver jewellery and Lambani embroidery from Karnataka. Chanderi sarees, Gond paintings, Tussar sarees and stoles will form part of the treasure trove from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Laila Tyabji, Chair, Dastkar, says, “This year, Basant Bazaar will showcase around 85 crafts and crafts-groups from 18 states of India, exhibiting and selling indigenous arts, authentic to their respective regions. Apart from giving crafts people a platform for marketing their products through these bazaars we also provide them with the design assistance to help them compete in urban markets.”

“We have artisans who have intricate local knowledge interspersed with usage of colours distinctive to each region. Dastkar commands its own audience because of the work and emotions attached to the products which crafts people showcase,” she said. This is the second time that the NGO is exhibiting at Dwarka.