To ensure safe Holi, DU to close eateries till Monday

To ensure safe Holi, DU to close eateries till Monday

Delhi University’s authorities ihave ordered roadside dhabas and tea stalls on the campus to shut down till Monday.

The orders followed inspections to see if the eateries in North Campus followed basic hygiene, and were also dictated by security precautions over Holi.

“Firstly most of these eating joints were extremely dirty. I have asked the owners to keep themselves clean and to maintain hygiene while serving food,” said Usha Rao, proctor of Delhi University.

She said that a surprise check was also made to see that the students were not consuming food of bad quality.

“Students usually play Holi and then sit in these dhabas. While the colleges are closed, the hostels and paying guests for girls are still open and hence we have to take precautions for them. I also saw cigarette butts and beedis lying around these tea stalls and have asked the owners to be more cautious,” added Rao.

However, the students, who said the inspection took place on Tuesday, had something different to say.

According to them, a tea stall owner fondly known as Panditji, located opposite the Botany Department in Delhi University, has been asked to shift to some other place.

“He did not come today. Panditji looked scared after the inspection. I have heard from my teachers that he has been in DU since decades. Earlier also he had been asked to move from several places in the campus and finally he was allowed to put up a stall here and settle down,” said Arti Gupta, student of Chemistry and a frequent visitor to the tea stall.

She added that since this part of the University which consists of Chemistry, Botany and few other departments has no canteens, Panditji's stall is the only place to go for students in search of a quick bite.

“I hope he returns on Monday,” said another student.

Rao confirmed that all stall owners will be able to open their shops after the Holi weekend.