You ought to have an ottoman!

You ought to have an ottoman!


Available in an amazing variety of styles, materials and designs, ottomans gel well with both contemporary and conventional decor themes, writes A Dyuti

Looking for some chic furniture pieces for your house? How about the ottoman? Don’t think of it as another footstool, because today’s ottoman has progressed into a versatile furniture piece, carving a niche for itself in both traditional and contemporary decor themes. This padded and upholstered seat or bench that has neither arms nor back can still provide comfort while bolstering the beauty of your home.

Though the ottoman originally evolved as a footstool, it is used for various other purposes today. This cosy seat that economises on space is a boon when you are in need of extra seating in cramped areas. Plus, some ottomans come with hollowed-out chambers enabling them to double as storage spaces. Stow things away here, drawing them out only when you need them. Use the ottoman wherever you require additional storage space, the living room, bedroom or even the bathroom! Little wonder then, that this little furniture item occupies pride of place in bachelor-pad decor.

Place it in the living room in front of the couch/sofa and the ottoman is transformed into a coffee-table that can hold trays of drinks and goodies or magazines. Children can use the smooth top-surface for playing board games while they are seated on low cushions or carpets. Ottomans specially designed for TVsets are also available. They make for fine side-tables in the bedroom, while cleverly concealing several items. If you have a home-office, ottomans turn into cosy waiting-seats for your clients or patients. Or, even an attractive alternative to the time-honoured filing cabinets.

Wide variety

Ottomans heighten your decor’s elegance. Available in an amazing variety of styles, materials and designs, they gel well with both contemporary and conventional decor themes, if chosen with care. Today, there are ottomans made of leather, micro-fibre and denim too. Embroidered fabric highlights a traditional decor scheme. You can select colours that ally with other accessories in the room.  Usually, people opt for cream, beige or black for that classy finish. Use bright-coloured ones where you feel the overall colour scheme is too sober and needs a sprightly touch. If the decor is contemporary, nothing can beat a leather ottoman.

Classy but comfortable, they are an excellent choice for complementing your modern-styled furniture. Moreover, they are durable and stain-free too. If your available space is quite small, go for round or cubical ottomans.

Pick a bench-shaped ottoman for larger spaces. Unleash your creativity by arranging multiple ottomans in semi-circular or other geometrical patterns. What factors should you bear in mind while selecting an ottoman? First, the purpose you’ll employ it for – decoration, storage, seating, serving or playing. Pick one that will adequately satisfy your chosen need. Next, check whether it blends well with your existing room decor. Lastly, decide whether the material it is made of serves your particular purpose.

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