Roadside residents get dust shower

Roadside residents get dust shower

Chikkaballapur CMC completes drain work, leaves dug-up roads unattended

The TG Tank Road is one of the ‘unlucky’ streets that ended on the receiving end of the mostly successful underground drainage project in the city.

The road is a connection to the new bus stand, but has never been asphalted, has an open drain running across it and even the surrounding area is covered in a thick coat of dust.

While the underground drainage project, started amidst great hope about a year ago, has covered almost all of the city, the side-effects wipe away the smile on the faces of the citizens. Most of the pits dug during the project work have been covered while asphalting.

Ignored sides

Those remaining untouched by the authorities, however, continue to torment the residents of the city. Traffic on TG Tank Road is increasing by the day, but the condition requires the vehicle-users to take great care while using it. 

There is perpetual fear of an accident unable to manoeuvre around an open pit, but ironically, even of body ache.

An unusual side-effect, however, is a ‘gift’ for the residents living in the area near TG Tank Road. Regardless of the efforts they might take to keep their houses clean, the residents still have to face the gigantic public dustbin as they step on to the streets. 

A combination of the garbage and sewage gives off a horrible stench, with the authorities clearing the garbage just about twice a week, instead of daily. In addition, the drains are full of garbage and even stones, blocking the line. The choked sewage adds to the woes of the residents.

Kalavathi, a resident near TG Tank Road, said, in conversation with Deccan Herald, that the people remained silent only because complaints to authorities have proven futile. 

“Every time we complained to the City Municipal Council (CMC) that the roads are in bad shape, the garbage has not been cleared, etcetera, we are promised of immediately action by the officers. We also feel optimistic that they will come and inspect the place and then take necessary steps to solve the problem. But nothing has happened so far,” she said.

Dust everywhere

The mud road created a lot of problems for the residents. “Very often, vehicle-users drive down the dilapidated road in full speed. But the real problem arises for us. Such speed raises dust-clouds that end up all around, over and even inside our houses.” 

Cleaning the house often proves a wasted effort because of this. “We have argued on this matter several times among ourselves: Whose fault is it- ours, as we have our houses by a mud road, or the riders, who speed down the road?”

Chandrashekhar, another resident, said the TG Tank Road is a main or cross road only in name, as all through, there are stones and mud, no asphalt. He added that it is virtually unthinkable to wear good clothes and get onto a two-wheeler to ride on the road. “We have a dust bath in barely a few seconds,” he complained.

Speaking about the garbage, Chandrashekhar said very often, when the garbage overflows and spreads around the bin, it is difficult to differentiate between the road and the garbage.

“The CMC gets crores of rupees as grant. The officers also announce mega development projects. We don’t understand why then they should be so negligent about proper implementation of the projects,” he said. 

“All the CMC members have to do is fulfill the promises they made while campaigning for votes. Just that would solve so many of our problems.”

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