An affair to remember

An affair to remember

He arrived at the house next door a few months back. I remember being struck by his extreme good looks and perfect gentlemanly behaviour.

Unlike others of his ilk he was quiet, dignified and mild.  My husband also appeared to be quite impressed with him and we were glad that he was going to be our immediate neighbour.

However, nothing could’ve prepared me for what happened next. Though my heart skipped a beat when saw him the first time, I put it down to his movie-star good looks. He was the spitting image of a model seen very frequently on TV.

Though it was all limited to random exchanges of pleasantries over the boundary wall, he made no secret of the fact that he liked me a lot. It would have been foolish of me to expect him to get me chocolates or flowers, but even a glance from him could bring a smile on my face. I did try to hold myself back. We couldn’t, after all, have any future together, he belonged to somebody else. But then, a few days ago it happened, just the way I'd dreamt of all along.

Hanging out clothes on our roof, I stole a look at the adjoining balcony of our neighbours’. And yes, like every afternoon, he was there. He was alone and appeared to be lost in thoughts.
“Hey! Listen!” the words were out of my mouth before I knew it. At first it appeared he didn’t hear, but then he turned towards me. He didn't smile back, he just looked surprised to see me there. Embarrassed and wondering if one had overstepped the limits of decency, I was about to turn away when he suddenly reciprocated and walked towards me. I stopped. We were inches away from each other and my heart was in my mouth. What if somebody from his family suddenly came out?
But then I happened to look into his dark, melting eyes and knew with certainty that there was nothing wrong with our love for each other.

I bent down to reach him and he leapt up, covering my hands with enthusiastic licks, wagging his tail nineteen to a dozen and whining with pleasure.
Mr Bean the Labrador puppy next door, had stolen my heart!

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